Global University UK – 2020 Updates

Global University UK has been operating quietly in the background with no real changes for a number of years. However, 2020 brought about some significant changes. Some examples include:


In a time of many unknowns, we want to give the re-assurance that our service will continue unhindered. This is because a major benefit of studying with Global University is that it’s accessible, accredited, and affordable:


Study where you are at a pace you can manage. We provide quality distance education with a wealth of experience and expertise at our fingertips. As a result, you get everything you need to learn and the support you need to achieve.


Our degrees are awarded by Global University worldwide. We’re also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which means you can be assured that our degrees rank alongside some of the most respected institutions in the world.


We offer some of the most affordable prices in the UK for distance education. Not only can you study at your own pace, you can also ‘pay as you go’ for a stress free experience.

Global University UK – 2020 Updates
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