Tuition & Fees

The fees and tuition costs at Global University UK are kept to an absolute minimum, however, we do recognise that undertaking a degree programme is a significant investment in both time and finance.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of fees for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Application Fee
A fee of £35 is required to process applications to Global University UK
Per-Credit Fee
Each Global University module carries a different number of 'credits'. This fee represents the price 'per-credit' of completing a module.
Your module study guide, accreditation, and access to online services are included in this price.
Module Admin Fee
An administrative fee of £10 is required for each module. This covers enrolment, support, and shipping of materials.
Full-Time Fee
If you want to study 'full time' (32 Credits per year) we have offered a reduced rate of £1600 to cover credit and administrative fees.
This discounted rate is only available to those wishing to study on a Full-time basis.
Academy Fee
If you would like to study on campus and grow in your leadership potential in a practical church environment, Centre Church Academy might be for you.
Alongside a full time fee, Academy students are expected to pay £2900 to cover the costs of breakfast and lunch each day, and accommodation.

For those not wishing to study on a full-time basis, we have several payment options available. You can pay per module (eg. for a 3 Credit module you would pay £160 in total), or you can set up a payment plan to pay via standing order. If you wish to pay via standing order, do contact us and we’ll do our best to work out a plan to suit your needs.

All courses should be fully paid for before a student begins their study. No course can be completed if the student has not paid their fees.

Module materials (i.e. textbooks, online library access etc.) are included in the module fees, however, should a student wish to purchase any books from the required or recommended reading lists, they must do this at their own cost. Required reading materials will be made available to purchase direct from Global University UK, however, you may wish to buy used books at a reduced price online or locally.