Intercultural Studies

Minister to audiences all over the world with a Bachelor of Arts degree in intercultural studies from Global University.

Course Outline

Taking the Word of God into cross-cultural contexts presents unique challenges. We offer appropriate training for those called to reach region and people groups around the globe. Global University allows you to study within a flexible time frame wherever you are. You may be interested in overseas mission and in need of formal training. Or you may have a full-time job and be unable to attend a university campus.

If you want to share God’s Word in new and diverse cultural contexts, both at home and abroad, Global University’s Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies is for you. You will learn how to relate to people of other faiths and cultures and in so doing, be able to better communicate the life-changing gospel message.

The Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies is designed to provide the biblical and theological knowledge needed for cross-cultural ministry. After successfully completing this curriculum, students will be able to preach and teach the Word of God within diverse and varying people groups and cultures, interpret the Bible correctly, demonstrate a working knowledge of the history and application of Christian theology, and conduct programs in local churches that will facilitate the ongoing vitality of the Christian faith in and among congregations with diverse membership and multiethnic voices.

Course Listing: 90 Credits

Intercultural Studies: 36 Credits
(COM 3103) Cross-Cultural Communications3
(EDU 4133) Christian Adult Education in Cultural Context3
(MIN 1103) Great Commission Strategies3
(MIN 3043) Preparing and Preaching Bible Messages3
(MIN 3073) Communicating Christian Faith in a Pluralistic Society3
(MIS 1023) Introduction to Missions3
(MIS 2013) The Bible and Missions3
(MIS 3023) Introduction to Islam3
(MIS 4013) Christian Ministry in a Muslim Context3
(MIS 4053) Philosophy of Missions3
(REL 2013) People and Their Beliefs3
Missions/Intercultural Studies Elective Course3
General Education: 13 Credits
(GUO 1011) Essentials of Learning at Global University1
(HIS 2503) Civilization Past and Present I or
(HIS 2603) Civilization Past and Present II 
(HIS 2203) The Church: From Pentecost to the Reformation or
(HIS 2303) The Church: From the Reformation Through the 20th Century
(MIS 4956) Thesis (in major subject area)6
Bible: 15 Credits
(BIB 2043) Principles of Biblical Interpretation3
(BIB 3073) The Book of Acts3
(LIT 1213) Old Testament Literature: His Story3
(LIT 1313) The New Testament as Literature3
Bible Elective Courses3
Theology: 9 Credits
(THE 1013) Pneumatology3
(THE 2013) The Bible and the Church3
Upper Division Theology Elective Course3
General Electives: 17 Credits
Courses from any Division17

*Note: This program requires students to complete an Intercultural Studies pre-test and post-test. The pretest must be completed before students request the final exam for their first course. The post-test is a part of the undergraduate capstone requirement. It is recommended that students begin working on the essay and verbal components of their capstone within six months of graduating. The post-test and Graduate Follow-Up Survey should be completed during their last course. All four capstone components should be submitted before requesting the final exam for their last course. There is no cost for these assessments.